This blog is called Isolation Avocation – prison law and, more particularly, my mission to understand the practice of isolation is my avocation. I’m a full time law student otherwise. The blog is a product of my interest in prison law, I hope you will find it interesting too.

My goal for this blog will be to aggregate prison news on solitary confinement in order to increase the public’s education (and my own) on what is happening inside America’s prison system. Particular themes will be on the effects of isolation on vulnerable populations within the general incarcerated population. It is a common misconception that solitary confinement is only for “the worst of the worst.” Children, the elderly, transgender/gay, minorities, the mentally ill — these are the populations that are more prone to end up in solitary confinement because prisons simply lack the resources to protect them. These are invisible populations. This project will seek to bring the stories and images of these inmates to the forefront and, in doing so, introduce a more nuanced narrative of mass incarceration in America.


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